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Composite Doors

Branch Locations
Express Trade Windows currently has 1 depot, with more planned before the start of 2023.

The external skin of the door slab can be White, Darkwood, Oak, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Chartwell Green,or Grey

(Please note the Darkwood and Oak are not exact matches to the Deceuninck profile.)

  • Due to the different coloured skins the customer will have the choice of different hinge colours – white/gold/chrome brown.
  • Door extras, such as letter plates, numerals, lever/pads etc are available in our standard colours – white/gold/chrome/bronze.


Composite doors are a modern twist on the more traditional looking wooden front doors, similar to PVCu panels in that they come in a wide range of styles, designs and colours but utilising a 44mm thick, fully insulated door slab rather than a 28mm standard panel.

  • They couple the benefits of a robust PVCu door with a traditional aesthetic, giving a house a rich and classic style.
  • The timber effect is produced with a GRP skin, which comes in a variety of colours and is strong and durable
  • They can be adapted to a range of styles including fire doors and stable doors, thereby creating a consistent look throughout your home.


  • A high level of security with ABI (Association of British Insurers) approved multi point locks.
  • Anti bump barrels as standard to prevent would be burglars quickly and silently gaining entry to your home
  • A massive selection of decorative glazing options to give you a door that is bespoke to you and your property
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Because of the materials used they have all the benefits of a panel door, i.e. they will not warp, rot, twist, bow or crack and never need painting!

Colours Available

We have a range of colours available in this product. See below for our colour options:

Energy Rating

Our Windows are measured using the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WER), with an “A” rating being better than a "C". There are various options for glazing your composite doors and once you have chosen these we will happily provide you the Energy Rating/u-value information should you require this.