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Chamfered Casement Windows

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Express Trade Windows currently has 1 depot, with more planned before the start of 2022.

2500 Chamfered Range


With a sloped finish to the profile, our easy clean Fortress ™ range of profiles offer a more traditional look to mimic old wooden windows with sharp, clean lines.

Our PVC products are amongst the most technologically advanced in Europe, being manufactured to high standards, incorporating thermally efficient profile and energy rated double and triple glazed sealed unit.


The 2500 chamfered profile range is available in the following colours: Please note that a “Laminate” is a woodgrain effect foil which is applied to our standard base profile. A non-laminated profile does not have a woodgrain effect.

  • White White (both sides Non-laminated white)
  • Rosewood Laminate/Rosewood Laminate
  • Rosewood Laminate/Non-laminated White
  • Golden Oak Laminate/Golden Oak Laminate
  • Golden Oak Laminate/Non-laminated White


  • High security internal beading
  • Multi point shootbolt locking
  • Key locking handles
  • Steel reinforcing
  • Double weather-seals
  • Thermal reinforcing
  • Multi chamber profile
  • Additional security claw locks

Low Maintenance

  • No more unsightly flaking or peeling surfaces, the pristine appearance of PVC frames is maintained by an occasional cleaning with a mild detergent such as soapy water.
  • No more painting, unlike timber frames our windows, including our range of laminated foils, never need re-painting or re-staining and are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Unlike timber and metal windows which are normally subject to rotting, rusting and corroding PVC is tough and durable and will out-last most other construction materials.
  • PVC will not warp, twist or split and providing that you oil the moving parts regularly they will open and close without catching or binding and will remain draught free and weather proof for longer

Colours Available

We have a range of colours available in this product. See below for our colour options:

Energy Rating

Our standard windows are measured using the Window Energy Rating scheme (WER), with an “A” rating being better than a "C". Our standard reinforced double glazed windows are A rated as standard, achieving an overall u’value of 1.4 W/m2 K (with a glass value of of 1.2 W/m2 K). We are also able to offer a range of triple glazed windows which achieve an overall u’value of 1.0 W/m2 K (with a glass u’value of 0.683 W/m2 K).

Energy Rating scheme