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Introducing The QuickGlaze System

The latest knock-in bead technology to make installation quick and easy. Available on all our energy efficient aluminium bi-fold, residential, patio and french doors.

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Advanced Knock-in Bead Technology

The Quickfit system that saves you time and money


What makes these knock-in beads elite?

We are proud to have produced an industry leading quick fit system with these features:

  • Quickglaze bead features integrated gasket.
  • Securely fit during installation.
  • No wedge gasket glazing seal required.
  • Quick, easy & cost effective installation & glazing process.

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Smooth, simple and stylish


Start Selling Quickglaze


Save time and money on every install. Quickglaze is available on our aluminium bi-fold, patio, residential and french doors.


Use our EasyAdmin software for instant pricing and quoting to deliver exceptional service to your customers..


Our express delivery service of as little as 5 days, allows you to keep your projects on time and on track.

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